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Official Kim Woo Bin enthusiast.

I feel like the internet hs desensitized me orz

like I’ll casually stumble across a porn/NSFW blog and I’ll scroll through like oh yeah interesting wtvr 

but then I’ll like freak out and check my surroundings n hope no one was behind me bc that’s not normAL


Park Sungjin by Tetsu Kubota for Details March 2014

man, i know teriyaki papi is rude af, you can sense it from afar damn


but the boy is gorgeous n he an A+ model

so he still a fave :l


but like when im 28 i wanna date younger guys who are hot and stupid and just be like ‘yea noona will buy u this. how much are those shoes? im playing child dont even check i got u *swipes card’

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Damn look at how cool I look.
My friend…..not so much ;)
It’s all about those tipsy Saturday night selcas while waitin to go to 노래방.
you guiseeee~~~
Just claimed one fo the rewards from the featurepoints app !!
I got the paypal reward for $5 :3 which is pretty neat considering all you had to do was download a bunch of apps and linger on them for like 30 sec lol. 
you guys should check it outtttt ~~~~
MAKE THAT MONEY so you can drop out of school ;) jk but its a nice way to make a lil money :)
Go to this link and download the app if you’re interested :) http://featu.re/522WH7 it’s kinda only available through shared links instead of on the app markets ~
or you can use the referall code 522WH7
using the link or referal code will give you 50 free bonus points so you’re on your way to get rewards :)
they also have plenty of giftcards like starbucks and junk ^^
If you think it’s fake or something lol feel free to check it out and see for urself or just shoot me a message yoo :p
Completed registration. My schedule got switched around a bit so it’s extra shitty ;A;
The red boxed section is a class I’m waitlisted for :l
A required Biology course I need for Nursing school that was completely full so I’m #44 on the waitlist :l
I lose hope in school sometimes.
I rlly wish I could finish class in one go instead of having all these gaps but ehhh life aint fun.
Anonymous asked
Love? What is it?


love is when you make a shitty blog dedicated to a stupid boy who doesn’t even know you exist and spend all your time on it and waste your life away again for this stupid boy who doesn’t know you exist 


Noma Han for SSENSE 
Hood by Air //  Black dunce t-shirt

My registration time opens in 19 minutes !!!!
Gotta get dem classes !!!
Registering for summer and fall !!!
I hope everything I want is still open for registration being a freshman means you get last pick damn :l

Had a pretty solid arm workout today.
Did weight workouts with guy friends.
I can feel my arms dying.
I will prob not be able to use arms tmrw.


spam u with new hair


Dachuan’s instagram 140421



Idk how to take a selca cuz I dont do it for days but still handsome.