I'll be your hyung

Official Kim Woo Bin enthusiast.

should i shower

should i sleep

should i do laundry

or should i do homework and study 

life is so lame and im always so tired and unmotivated by everything 

i think i will just sleep


Park Jiwoon at D. Gnak by Kang D Spring 2014 Seoul Fashion Week by PFM
feelin’ pretty blessed rn tbh

thank u bby jesus ;a;

It seems like my summer study abroad wont be such a bitch to pay anymore !!!

I got the $5,000 from Hutchinson Scholars Program I’m in and now I just checked by bank account and saw that I have an extra $1,500 pending deposit ;__; which I’m guessing if from the Presidential Achivement Scholars program I applied for ;____;

life is good rn ;___________;

I was starting to worry about how I would get a loan out or something to finish paying it up since the entire program is a little over $8,000

I’m v thankful ughhhh

I hate being a financial burden to my parent this is such a relief 


Shon Minho | MONOROS in London       
A/W 2012-2013 LOOKBOOK 1 DESIGNER BY Jae Huh. 

kim woobin killing you with his gaze 2/?


Han Euddeum and Kim Wonjung by Taewoo for Vogue Korea Apr 2014