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so I’m running for an officer position for KUSA at my uni

and I was rlly set on running for Historian bc I feel like that’s ~me~ even if it meant I would be running against some other guy and will most likely lose bc im a fucking loser and he actually knows more people and will likely get more votes.


apparently no one was running for treasurer so there was all this mess of officers messaging interns and suggesting they reconsider their positions. An officer asked me if I would consider doing secretary while the president suggested I do treasurer. 

and this makes me positive that I will lose for historian bc why else would they suggest I run for something else bc I was running against that guy.

I cant rlly handle failure. I am a weak fucking soul.

I broke downa nd cried once because my arents were pressuring me into deciding a place to eat after this big event of mine and I didnt want to chose and yeah 

that goes to explain how weak and undecisive i am 


GD has unfollowed everyone on his Instagram (140413)!

I feel extra gross and ugly and worthless and sad today

nothing new

140420 GD’s Instagram Update: